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Simon Head:

Hey, I’m Simon.  I’ve been a sound engineer, a guitar tech, a tour manager, a driver and sometimes all of them put together.  I started touring in the early 90’s, getting paid no money but learnt as I worked.. I also have played in a few bands like Four Square, Two Line Filler and Trigger happy to name a few.  Being in Four Square allowed me to travel to Europe 6 times.  We released four albums and one EP in Japan, Europe and Canada with five or six labels all over the world.
I’ve tour managed bands like Sum 41, Voivod and too many to mention.  I’ve done live sound for bands like SNFU,  The Descendents  and the before mentioned bands.  I’ve also recorded 100’s of bands all over Canada.  In the early days, I used to load all of my gear into an old van and travel coast to coast recording punk bands in their basements.

These days, I work at a university doing sound, recording and maintaining all of the sound gear within the schools Faculty of fine Arts.  Hooray for day jobs!! *sarcasm*

Jim Norton: